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Welcome to Azure Kingfisher, my portal for financial law & practice. The site offers links to a suite of international law courses, building upon my practical experience and many years of teaching at outstanding Australasian law schools.
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This website provides information on my classes, and the chance to take the plunge in a wide range of areas of financial law, such as sustainable lending, green bonds, securitisation, credit derivatives, fund investment and more.

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19 May 2022 in Columns

Calling Out Coldplay’s Naive Support Of Greenwashing

Transport & Environment (T&E) has accused the British band Coldplay of naively supporting greenwashing in its supposedly “sustainable” partnership with Neste, an oil refiner with documented links to deforestation and…
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19 May 2022 in Columns

Coldplay Wants To Cut Tour Emissions, Accused Of Greenwashing Instead – WIN 104.9

Coldplay says they are committed to making their tour as sustainable and low carbon-impact as possible. Now they’re facing backlash by partnering with NesteThis content was originally published here.
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