Ready to Take the Dive?

Derivatives Law

From derivatives negotiation to documentation, including structured products, this course has got you covered.

International Financial Law

A broad overview of the financial markets from a legal and yet distinctly practical perspective, covering lending, projects, bonds, structured finance and private equity.

Debt Capital Markets

A deep dive into the structure and documentation of bonds, covering a range of practical examples, from plain vanilla to the outright structured.

Sustainable Finance

From sustainable lending, green bonds and impact investing as well as ESG disclosure and litigation, this is it!

How do these courses work?

The above on-line courses build upon the ones I teach at the highly recognized law schools. They have been formatted to an on-line delivery with engaging and asynchronous learning features, such as case studies and quizzes. Students obtain access to the course material for a specified time duration. A final exam is optional. Assignments benefit from genuine feedback.