International Sustainable Finance Law & Practice

Documentation Tips. Structured Products. Litigation Risks.


An overview of the accelerating forms of hard and soft ESG regulation

Sustainable Lending

From green to sustainability-linked loans and how to negotiate them

Green Bonds

Green, social, and sustainable bonds, including vaccine bonds


Exploring the unlikely marriage of structured finance and sustainability

Impact Investing

From private equity to fund management, and fiduciary duties in practice

This innovative and highly dynamic course covers:

  • The Sustainable Development Goals, their evolving regulatory framework, their implementation by banks, funds and corporates in international practice
  • Development Finance, the actors and the law, as well as environmental and social law in financial transactions
  • Understanding the structural features of international financial transactions with a focus on sustainability
  • Inclusive finance, through microfinance, gender finance and small and medium enterprise (SME) lending, and relevant regulation
  • Green bonds, SDGs bonds and social impact bonds, furthering sustainability the capital markets
  • Local currency financing as a means for derivatives to provide sustainable development
  • Legal aspects of renewable energy project finance
  • Impact investing, both private equity and funds management
  • Examples of structured sustainable finance, for instance through refugee finance, vaccine bonds, drought risk transfer and microfinance securitisation
  • Examples of litigation in sustainable finance, for instance the risk of mis-selling ‘green’ products, and legal means to address this risk in documentation as well as through strategic means.