Greenwashing, also known as ‘green sheen’, is a marketing term, in which corporations deceive consumers into thinking their products and organisation policies are environmentally friendly.

SKIMS has been accused of this practice after its packaging was found to not match with the environment-conscious efforts it claims to undertake, especially with regard to plastic.

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According to a report in The Independent, an investigation by Changing Markets Foundation found “no evidence” in support of the environmentally-conscious claims made by the popular brand, which focuses on body positivity and inclusivity, and practises inclusive sizing.

Interestingly, SKIMS products are delivered to customers in a “film packaging” that reads in bold, black lettering: ‘I AM NOT PLASTIC’.

“I am compostable, made from plants. I will biodegrade in your home compost and in an industrial compost facility,” it adds. According to Changing Markets Foundation, however, the packaging lists an additional number ‘4’ logo, which contradicts its claims.

What does it mean?

Changing Markets Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation with a “mission to expose irresponsible corporate practices and drive change towards a more sustainable economy”, explained that triangular logo — a recycling symbol — inside which the number ‘4’ appears, indicates that the packaging is made from type-4 plastic, or low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

“While this packaging might decompose in practice, as claimed, it is completely misleading to say that it is not plastic,” the foundation said, as mentioned in the Independent report.

Interestingly, Good On You, another platform evaluating ethical and sustainable practices of brands awarded SKIMS the ‘We Avoid’, which is said to be the lowest score, explaining that the brand failed to “disclose information about its commitment to sustainability throughout its supply chain”.

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