International Financial Transactions Law & Practice

Documentation Tips. Structured Products. Litigation Risks.


A shapshot of intenrnational regulation and how to keep on top of it


From bilateral to syndicated and secured, going over the negotiation

Capital Markets

Vanilla and green bonds, Securitisation and Covered Bonds


Exploring derivatives and how they are embedded, with examples from structured finance

Private Equity

Private equity, fund management and impact investing

International finance transactions is a course which provides an overview across different asset classes from legal perspective. The exercises will familiarise students with both the similarities and differences in documentation and negotiation between areas such as project finance and derivatives, bonds and fund management. Within each pillar specific financial products are analysed, both from a legal and structuring perspective.

  • The course starts with a snapshot of regulatory developments relevant across the financial markets, enabling students to keep on track without too much effort
  • Next, a loan agreement will be analysed, along with a practical exercise
  • Learnings from lending are then applied to debt capital markets, illustrated with real-life transactions from plain vanilla to green bonds and securitisations
  • A high-level overview of derivatives documentation will assist students in dissecting structured products
  • Subsequently, we cross over to private equity, along with a practical analysis of fund investment and management.
  • Within each section, relevant case law is covered.

Bottom line: this course will enhance your skills for application in legal practice. No prior experience in the financial markets is required, though general legal experience is helpful.