International Debt Capital Markets Law & Practice

Documentation Tips. Structured Products. Litigation Risks.


DCM Regulation, from rating agencies to prospectus


DCM Documentation and Negotiation, the devil is in the detail


Beyond Vanilla, Securitisation and Covered Bonds

Sustainable and Structured

Structured and Sustainable Finance made possible in DCM


Noteholder Litigation on Waterfalls and Defaults

International Debt Capital Markets Law addresses the art and form of capital markets transactions from different perspectives.

  • It discusses the mechanics of the capital markets generally, explaining how these differ from the loan and derivatives markets. It covers the relevant actors and the (highly dynamic) legal and regulatory framework.
  • There is emphasis in class on the legal and structuring aspects of actual capital market transactions, such as covered bonds, securitisations, (structured) bonds and hybrid transactions.
  • Restructuring of bond transactions (as evident in the recent sovereign debt crises) is a prominent feature.
  • Consideration of financial markets litigation (involving investment banks, hedge funds, ratings agencies, derivative dealers and regulators) is another important aspect of the subject.
  • Green and inclusive finance (through green bonds, some project bonds and microfinance securitisation) also features.

Exercises are provided built on actual deals, helping to provide students with a skillset that is applicable in legal practice and thus further enhance their legal prospects and careers.