New to Financial Markets?

Financial markets can be a challenging area to understand. To those less familiar therewith, it may feel similar as studying a new language, or being dropped in the middle of ER or House. The jargon is impressive. The good news is: once the jargon is out of the way, it is downhill from there!

A few ideas on how to make the first steps:

  • There is probably no better place to start than the website of the Financial Times. With free registration, you can download a limited number of articles per month. Better still, it allows you to subscribe to email alerts on topics of your choice. Simply select your area of interest, be it for instance derivatives, hedge funds or securitisation, and you will receive the alerts in your inbox on a daily (or other) frequency. Not only does this help you to become familiar with the issues in your area of preference, but it is also a great tool to assist you when writing a research paper.
  • A similar good website is that of the Wall Street Journal.

Both are highly recommended.