Expansion and Diversification in Securitisation, Yearbook 2007

This book depicts the securitisation market at the height of the bubble, just before the credit crunch hit.


The contributions in this volume elucidate both ‘synthetic securitization’ (which involves the investors in exposure-based securities to particular risks in exchange for a fee) and conventional securitization (issuance of securities for the primary purpose of raising funds for the originator or owner of the assets being securitized). The various contributions illustrate how the structures employed in securitizations are readily capable of being applied to a wide range of income-generating assets, including such innovative asset classes as the following:

• commercial mortgages

• student rents

• intellectual property rights

• carbon emission allowances

• life insurance policies

• project and infrastructure loans

• microfinance loans

• sovereign aid grants

• non-performing loans

• loans to finance corporate takeovers

• tax receivables and other public sector assets

In addition, this volume covers the emergence of new markets for securitization in Asia, Latin America, Islamic countries, and South Africa, as well as major developments in the accounting treatment of securitizations and evolving judicial attitudes to the underlying sale and credit derivative components of securitizations.