International Financial Transactions

International Financial Transactions is a course specifically designed for postgraduate students keen to move into or broaden their understanding of financial law. It is par excellence a course tailored to familiarise, strengthen and embed a skill set for practitioners. It will include case studies and documentation for discussion, and a session in which students negotiate in teams. Tailored for postgraduate students intent on obtaining skills to practice, whether you are working in-house or in private practice, this course is worth every effort.

International Financial Transactions will be offered in March 2013 at the University of Sydney. A broad outline of the course is set out below (subject to change). For further infomation please refer to the designated website of the University.




Day 1: Introduction & the Loan Markets

1:            Introduction to Financial Markets: a Sea of Change

2:            Regulatory Reform & International Lending

3:            International Lending (II)

4:            Term Sheet Negotiation


Day 2: Derivatives and Fund Markets

5:            Derivatives

6:            Legal & Regulatory Issues for Offshore Investment in Australian Funds

7:            Litigation (Mis-selling)

8:            Credit Derivatives


Day 3: Capital Markets

9:          Debt Capital Markets

10:        Rating Agencies

11:        Covered Bonds

12:        Securitisation


Day 4: Capita Selecta

13:          Sovereign Debt Crisis: from Greece to Argentina

14:          Project Finance I: the Key Features

15:          Project Finance II: Energy

16:          Private Equity / Q&A