International Derivatives Law & Practice

From the London Whale to Algorithmic Trading and Derivatives Litigation, this course covers a broad range of legal issues relating to derivatives. This includes aspects of contract law; potential liabilities for financial institutions for mis-selling derivatives products; case law regarding (close-out) netting of derivative transactions; the traps and particularities of documenting derivative products in, for instance, structured finance transactions; both local and international derivatives practice (especially European, but also emerging markets).

In March 2013 the course is offered at the University of Melbourne.

The set-up of the course is as follows:


Day 1: Introduction

1:    Introduction to the International Financial Markets

2:    Derivatives Reform I

3:    Derivatives Reform II

4:    The OTC Market & the Law of Contracts


Day 2: Documenting & Negotiating Derivatives Contracts

5:    Documenting & Negotiating Derivatives Contracts (I)

6:    Documenting & Negotiating Derivatives Contracts (II)

7:    Tax Aspects of Derivative Transactions

8:    A Trader's Perspective


Day 3: Derivatives & Finance Documents

9:     Embedded Derivatives (I)

10:   Embedded Derivatives (II)


Day 4: Sovereign Debt Crisis

11:   Credit Derivatives

12:   Hedge Accounting

13:   The Sovereign Debt Crisis (I)

14:   The Sovereign Debt Crisis (II)


Day 5: Mis-selling

15:   Derivatives Litigation

16:   Fund Manager Perspective on Derivatives

17:   Derivatives & Climate Change

18:   Conclusion & Wrap-up


For informational purposes, a selection of the slides of the lecture on credit derivatives is attached in this link.