International Law & Practice Courses - Building Bridges in Legal Practice

Please find below an overview of the courses I have been teaching at various universities worldwide, including the University of Sydney (in both Sydney and London), the University of Melbourne and at the University of Amsterdam. The offerings are tailored for post-graduate students and cover a broad range of financial markets topics, including derivatives, structured finance, debt capital markets, securitisation and international financial transactions. Excerpts from lectures are included below.

Though focused on legal aspects, the courses are distinctly multi-disciplinary in set-up, and practice has shown that students with a financial or more generally non-legal background to attend as well. Law firms such as King Wood Mallesons and Minter Ellison contribute to the course by guest lecturing on Australian legal aspects, complementing my European and international approach. Courses are have a practical approach and include term sheet negotiations led by practitioners. We also visit trading desks of the likes of NAB and ANZ to hear first hand experiences.

The outlines of the courses provide quite a bit of detail on the highly-rated and interactive courses I have been teaching since 2003. The courses are updated annually on the basis of practical experience and developments in the financial markets.

Apart from full-fledged courses, I have provided lectures on topical issues at various universities, trade organisations (such as AFMA in Australia), and a number of international law firms.

This includes a presentation at the International Bar Association on the Role of Microfinance and Emerging Markets in the Face of the Credit Crunch.

Another example is the lecture I gave on the role of Credit derivatives in the credit crunch, a weapon of mass destruction after all? as part of the Distinguished Speakers Program of the Ross Parsons Centre of Commercial, Corporate and Taxation Law of the University of Sydney. The lecture was chaired by the Hon Justice RP Austin, Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW.

In Melbourne I presented a special seminar on The Sovereign Debt Crisis, detailing the legal aspects of the 'Private Sector Involvement' or PSI of the restructuring of the Greek sovereign debt, along with the implications of the credit derivative market in such restructuring. The seminar concluded with a panel discussion. Panelists included Associate Professor Sam Wylie of the Melbourne Business School and Bruce Whittaker, partner at Ashurst. The slides from the presentation are available here.